Swinging Country January 22

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Fans and Friends this week I’ll Welcome you in with a Special Dedication with Two tunes starting with Jody Nix and The Texas Cowboys then Georgette Jones with her Dad George Jones.
Next up we take a trip to the Moon with tunes from Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, Garry Ash, Sparklin’ Cathy Jewell.
The next group takes us back in our minds with Dawn Anita, Gil Prather, Alicia McLeod. Followed by Keith Phillips, Tommy Thomsen, Brady Bowen & Swing Country with Leon Rausch on Vocal. Then as I remind and prepare you for a couple of upcoming events we will hear from Albert Leon Payne, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, Jake Hooker. Then it’s Time for this weeks Spotlight Featured Artist Australian Recording Artist Venessa Bourne we will have a Three Part Visit and Feature Seven Songs off her Multiple Award Nominated Album Young At Heart. And after that keeping with the International theme the next Two Artist are from Canada Peggie Nora, Charlie Smith. Next up a Lady Name Sam Ross from India. And closing out with Shavonne Aliphon from New Zealand.

I am NOT for A One World Order but I AM For World Peace and Country Music is Loved performed around the World making the World a Better place 🙂 Please feel Free to Share both this Post and The Video for this weeks show as well. Invite your friends especially those who think REAL Traditional Country Music no longer exsist let’s Educate them!!! Join Dena Wood and Myself during the Broadcast on MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK TIMELINE for SWING – BACK AND CHIME IN WITH US OK? Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—





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