Pop Goes The Country Show # 218 (Waylon Jennings, Tompall Glaser, Jessi Colter)

Pop Goes The Country Show # 218 (Waylon Jennings, Tompall Glaser, Jessi Colter)

Pop! Goes The Country
Pop! Goes The Country
Pop! Goes the Country is a weekly half-hour syndicated variety country music television series that originally aired from September 7, 1974 through January 1, 1982 for a total of 234 episodes. Originally hosted by Ralph Emery, the series was recorded at the Grand Ole Opry and featured comedy sketches, performances by and interviews with country music singers, both established celebrities and up and coming singers and musicians. In 1980, Tom T. Hall replaced Emery as the host. In the final year of the series, comedian Jim Varney became a member of the show, and the show moved from the Opry House to Opryland USA’s Gaslight Theater. It is also considered as a spin-off of The Porter Wagoner Show. The Statler Brothers sang the show’s original theme song.

The series’ title referenced the influence pop music was having on country music in the works of the era’s country music performers such as Barbara Mandrell, Lynn Anderson, Dolly Parton, and Anne Murray, all of whom appeared as guests on the program, although performers with more traditional styles such as Loretta Lynn and Mel Tillis were also featured during the show’s run.


Pop! Goes The Country (Waylon Jennings, Tompall Glaser, Jessi Colter)

Waylon Jennings – «Ramblin’ Man»
Ralph Emory chats with Jessi Colter & Waylon Jennings, Waylon tells a joke
Tompall Glaser – «Roll On My Lady»
Jessi Colter – «What Happened to Blue Eyes»
Tompall Glaser – «Put Another Log»
Jessi Colter – «I’m Not Lisa»
Waylon Jennings – «Rainy Day Woman»
Ralph Emory briefly interviews Walyon Jennings, Tompall Glaser, & Jessi Colter about Outlaw country music
Waylon Jennings – «You Asked Me To» (credits roll over end of song)


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