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Nineteen Hand Horse

Despite the name “Nineteen Hand Horse,” the effect of this band is likely as far removed from my genre subject matter as any I have ever hauled aboard! So why are they here?? In the tracks there are flashes of Western imagery telling other stories (“19 Hand Tale” and “Ghost Train”) and certainly some of it Swings (“Fete Ginette” and “Just Another Honky Tonk Night”). Maybe it’s because their press release reveals the group’s first rehearsal as a band included working out the harmonies of the Sons Of The Pioneers’ “Tumbling Tumbleweeds!” And maybe I just really like what they do!

Western helped inspire them, but then they forged their own trail. In fact, that can be said of all their professed influences: Blues, Jazz, Bakersfield Country, Rock, Swing and, yes, Western. I spotted the Peter Gunn-inspired pad under “Ghost Train” before having it confirmed in their notes! Lead singer Nathalie Archangel and bandmate/co-writer/husband Mark Montijo have a shared history of music industry frustrations as well as their “fall-back” occupations as First Responders. Their band’s debut CD “Revel” is rife with attitude and hefty helpings of genius. For the musically adventurous, it’s one heck of a trek! Ten tracks.

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– by Rick Huff

Track List

1-Just Another Honky Tonk Night
2-The Withering Romance of Trains
3-19 Hand Tale
4-Better as a Goddess (Than a Lover)
5-Remarkable Dude
7-How ‘bout That_!
8-Fête Ginette
9-Something Beautiful (Maybe Tonight)
10-Ghost Train

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