Timberline Cowboys – Corral Dust & Crosses

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Timberline Cowboys - Corral Dust & Crosses

Timberline Cowboys – Corral Dust & Crosses

Timberline Cowboys - Corral Dust & Crosses
Cover CD Timberline Cowboys – Corral Dust & Crosses
Barely two years old, this team has just issued its second album! The Timberline Cowboys consist of songwriter/vocalist/lead & rhythm guitarist J. Michael Mullins and rhythm/lead & bass guitarist Geary Parsons. The songs from this duo basically ride familiar terrain of cowboy lore, romance and doings, but it’s an honest presentation you get and their sound “fills the frame,” as they say. They have guested on the Bar D Chuckwagon stage in their home court of Durango, so the stamp of authenticity has been applied!
Pick tracks include “Back With You Again,” one cowboy’s last push north “Drivin’ This Herd To The Rail,” “Black Lizard Boots” (will surely give the cowboy a chance with the girl), the novelty portrait “Old Cowhand’s Waltz,” “The Lesson” (passed from generation to generation) and a goofy little novelty called “Writers’ Block” (yes you can write a cowboy song about nothing in particular)!
While I’m not not sold on the vocal coupling/filtering used on some of the tracks, still Mullins’ delivery is melodic and honest. Fans of a more traditional kind of Western material and presentation should be satisfied with the newest release from these Colorado musicians. Twelve tracks, recommended.

CD(s): available through thetimberlinecowboys.com

– by Rick Huff


Timberline Cowboys – Corral Dust & Crosses

Track List

1 – Back Here with You Again
2 – The Cross Upon the Hill
3 – Driving This Heard to the Rail
4 – Black Lizard Boots
5 – Where the Wildflowers Bloom
6 – The Old Cowhand’s Waltz
7 – Wayfaring Stranger
8 – The Lesson
9 – The Alamo Ranch
10 – The Christain Choice
11 – Even Though (A Veteran’s Song)
12 – Writer’s Block


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