Swinging Country May 21

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL / Swinging Country May 21/

Howdy Friends & Music Fans Bobby Mackey will kick it off Swinging then I’ll Welcome you aboard. In this week’s first grouping we’ll hear Johnny Angel, Carlos Washington, Keith Phillips.
The next grouping has Artist Soon to appear @ Becky Justice – Ford’s Coyote Country in Gail TX. We’ll listen to Diamond Rio, W.G. Banister, Asleep At The Wheel, Darrell McCall.
My next grouping features Ladies with Uplifting positive songs Kelli Lewis, The Smith Sisters, Cathy Jewell, Judy James, Cherilyn Smith Johnston. Then we will switch gears a bit with a couple that just go hand in hand from The Late Jim Reeves, then Chuck Cusimano carrying on in mode comes @Johnny Rodriguez, Hank Thompson, Chuck Cusimano.
Then Setting the Scene for the Main Event this week we will listen to a duo from Dale Watson & Johnny Bush, Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys, Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadours
A Visit with One of the Best Friends Western Swing Music, Traditional Country Music, Western Music, Rockabilly Music has
Miguel Angel Diaz Gonzalez from Spain along with our mustal friend and Interpreter Sheryl L. Santos-Hatchett. Miguel Has The Largest Social Media Groups I know of Dedicated to these Music Genras On Facebook When The Cowboy Sings And Newhillbilly, and YouTube When The Cowboy Sings which has over 90 Thousand Viewers A Day! And has 286K Subscribers. And host several Radio Shows in Spain ALL The REAL Deal! He just recently had his First Visit to The USA and it Was Texas! We recorded this visit in Turkey Texas at Bob Wills Day, Turkey, Texas You will enjoy it.
After the visit we’ll Listen & Dance to Rick Norcross & The Ramblers, Cowboy Joe Babcock, Steve Markwardt, Bobby Flores & The Yellow Rose Band. And the Final grouping has Kristi Kalyn, Jenni Lyn Rumer Cathy Jewell.
Don’t Forget to Join Us on My Personal Timeline During the Broadcast for S W I N G – B A C K for Conversation Fellowship Postin Pictures etc. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country May 21



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