Western Music Time ( 11-15 May 2022 )

Western Music Time, DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time ( 11-15 May 2022 )

Opening theme
Ghost Riders in the Sky – Roy Rogers and the Mellow Men
Buffalo – Sons of the Pioneers
Tumbleweed Trail – The Reinsmen
Capullito de Aleli – Tito Guizar
Osage Stomp – Asleep at the Wheel
Texas Sand -Don Edwards
Country Corner
Born to Lose – Tenn Ernie Ford
No One Will Ever Know -Jimmy Dean
The Soupstone – George Hamilton IV
Funny How Time Slips Away – Billy Walker
The West that Was
Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume – Ken Curtis
Pretty Painted Ladies – The Reinsmen fea Doc Denning
Mail Order Bride – Doc Denning
A Call for Brides – Patty Clayton
This Ain’t the Same Old Range – The Sons of the Pioneers
Man Walks Among Us – Bob Nolan
No Range to Ride Anymore – Vaughn Monroe
Closing theme


Western Music Time ( 11-15 May 2022 )

Western Music Time And More Podcast

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