Merle Haggard – Kentucky Gambler

Managed to reach the hearts of country music fans, reaching #1 on US Hot Country Songs (Billboard), also on Canadian RPM Country Tracks, further solidifying Haggard's prowess as a chart-topping maestro.

Merle Haggard – Kentucky Gambler: A Timeless Tale of Risk and Redemption

Cover LP Merle Haggard Capitol 1975
Cover LP Merle Haggard Capitol 1975
Hey there, country music fans! Have you ever delved into the compelling story behind Merle Haggard’s classic «Kentucky Gambler»? This iconic tune, recorded on October 1974, is a true gem in the realm of country music. Let’s take a journey through the history and essence of this legendary track.
Now, let’s delve into the specifics that pique the curiosity of many fans. «Kentucky Gambler» written by Dolly Parton, and produced by Ken Nelson and Fuzzy Owen and was part of Haggard’s album «Keep Movin’ On,» released in 1974. Managed to reach the hearts of country music fans, reaching #1 on US Hot Country Songs (Billboard), also on Canadian RPM Country Tracks, further solidifying Haggard’s prowess as a chart-topping maestro.

The Story Behind the Song

«Kentucky Gambler» is a narrative masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of risk and its consequences. The song, penned by Dolly Parton, unfolds the gripping tale of a gambler from Kentucky, grappling with the highs and lows of his chosen lifestyle. Through vivid storytelling and soul-stirring melodies, Haggard’s rendition of this timeless piece immerses the listener in a world of tough choices and unforeseen outcomes.

Merle Haggard: A Living Legend

Merle Haggard - My Favorite Memory
Merle Haggard
Merle Haggard, often hailed as the «Hag,» was a trailblazer in the world of country music. With a remarkable 38 number-one hits on the country charts, Haggard’s influence on the genre is immeasurable. His raw, authentic style and unwavering storytelling prowess have secured his legacy as one of the most influential artists in the history of country music.
So, there you have it – a glimpse into the captivating world of «Kentucky Gambler» and the indelible legacy of Merle Haggard. We hope this exploration has deepened your appreciation for this timeless classic and the remarkable artistry of the Hag himself.
Remember, in the tapestry of country music, each song is a thread weaving a unique story. «Kentucky Gambler» stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling through music, etching its place in the hearts of enthusiasts for decades to come.
Now, go ahead and hit play on «Kentucky Gambler» – let the evocative melodies and poignant lyrics transport you to the heart of this timeless tale.


Merle Haggard – Kentucky Gambler Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I wanted more from life than four kids and a wife
And a job in a dark Kentucky mine
A twenty-acre farm with a shacky house and barn
That’s all I had and all I left behind
But at gambling, I was lucky, and so I left Kentucky
And left behind my woman and my kids
Into the gay casino in Nevada’s town of Reno
This Kentucky gambler planned to get rich quick
Kentucky gambler, who’s going to love your woman in Kentucky?
Yeah and who’s going to be the one to give her everything she needs?
Kentucky gambler, who’s going to raise your children in Kentucky?
Who’s going to keep them fed and keep them shoes on their feet?
[Verse 2]
There at the gambler’s paradise, Lady Luck was on my side
And this Kentucky gambler played just right
Hey, I won at everything I played, I really thought I had it made
But I should have quit and gone on home that night
But when you love the greenback dollar, sorrow’s always bound to follow
And Reno’s dreams fade into neon amber
And Lady Luck, she’ll lead you on, she’ll stay awhile, and then she’s gone
You better go on home, Kentucky gambler
But a gambler never seems to stop till he loses all he’s got
And with a money-hungry fever, I played on
I played till I’d lost all I’d won
I was right back where I’d started from
Then I started wanting to go home
Kentucky gambler, there ain’t nobody waiting in Kentucky
When I ran out, somebody else walked in
Kentucky gambler, looks like you ain’t really very lucky
And it seems to me a gambler loses much more than he wins
Much more than he wins


Single Merle Haggard Capitol 1974
Single Merle Haggard Capitol 1974


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