Swinging Country April 13

New Podcast ! Swinging Country April 13 DJ Billy Bowles

Swinging Country April 13

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Howdy everyone This is a Combination Swing Post Official & Video with a couple of Special Invitations Included!
I Swing it right out with The King Of Western Swing Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys from 1936. Then Promote The 52nd Annual Bob Wills Day, Turkey, Texas events. Included in the grouping Frankie McWhorter & Leon Rausch. Jake Hooker and the Outsiders, Hot Club of Cowtown, Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys under the direction of Jason Roberts, Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys.
Next we hear from Australia’s Queen of Country Music Jean Stafford.
In Promotion for The Legendary The Coyote Store Gail TX. Well hear a Double Spin from Asleep At The Asleep at the Wheel, & One from Pam Tillis.
Joyce Miller, Brady Bowen CSWM Brings us Brady Bowen & Swing Country C. B. Sutton vocal. Eric Diamond, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano – Musician, Bob Wills & His Texas Pkayboys for The Last Time Jody Nix Vocal.
Then Dan Rumer Fayette Financial brings us a Special & Unique type of grouping where Older Classics done long ago by Legendary Male Artist have Been rerecorded by Today’s Independent Traditional Country Artist Keeping it REAL The same songs Twice the Classic version the New Version Stonewall Jackson / Myra Leffel Rolen. Merle Haggard / Cathy Jewell, Bill Anderson / Janice Maynard. Chuck Cusimano / Lisa Layne.
Breaking Radio Rules next Group is Four Outstanding Femele Artist in a row Joni Harms, Georgette Jones, Janice Maynard, Guyanne McCall Dannheim. Bought to us by NDX & I2I
Next we have Albert Leon Payne, R.S. Vandiver Shane & The Nightlife.
Finishing out with Novelty Songs that You have to pay Close Attention to or you will get the Wrong Idea! You’ve been Warned!!! I Promise there’s really nothing Dirty well listen for yourself 🙂
Join me on My Personal Timeline if you can for CHAT I call it SWING – BACK please Chat & Have fun. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country April 13



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