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Review CD Mary Lou Fulton – Will Tell Stories by Rick Huff

In a smoky, expressive voice balladeer/songwriter Mary Lou Fulton tells her quietly powerful stories in song. Family experience, feelings and a combative stance on the current unhealthy rise of authoritarianism are all on raw display.

In CD pick “The Red White & Blue” she laments on “waving the flag just like a gun.” In the pick “Not Going Back” she addresses unreasoning fear of border ‘invaders’ in telling us “they’re talking about my mama – been here since she was nine – proudly waves the flag on the Fourth of July.” In “Hammer & A Gun” she sings of her (paternal?) grandfather, born in Oregon, who eventually carves out a life and history in Arizona. And in “Ballad Of Suaqui” she paints a sad/sweet picture of the Mexican government’s likely graft-laden 1964 decision to flood her mother’s ancestral pueblo to create a dam and lake for power.

In no uncertain terms Mary Lou Fulton predicts that “We’ll Tell Stories” later of these days of discord. Although they may not be positive stories, they and these songs are important to be heard. Ten tracks, recommended.

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– by Rick Huff


Mary Lou Fulton – Will Tell Stories Track List

1. The Red, White and Bluebuy
2. We’ll Tell Stories
3. The Ballad of Suaqui
4. Not Going Back
5. Eggshell
6. Come Along
7. Might Have Been
8. Hammer and a Gun
9. Silvy
10. El Corrido de Suaqui


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