Love That Country Music November 25

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Love That Country Music November 25

Set List:
Margo Cilker – Barbed Wire Belly Crawl
First Aid Kit – Wild Horses II
Anthony D’Amato – Ships In The Night
Ashley Heath – The Letter
Marija Droze – Take Your Time
Thomas Cassell – The First Move
Mariel Buckley – Horse Named Nothing
Flatland Cavalry – Mountain Song
Chris Canterbury – Fall Apart
Will Isemann – I’ve Seen It All
Whitehorse – Leave Me As You Found Me
Kelsey Waldon – You Can’t Ever Tell
Jake Penrod – In the Corner, At the Table, By the Jukebox
Sean Burns & Lost Country – Joseph Hill
The Local Honeys – Dear Woodrow
Marcel Riesco – Sands of Gold

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Love That Country Music November 25

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