Western Music Time (1-5 Nov 2023)

New Podcast ! Western Music Time (1-5 Nov 2023) DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time (1-5 Nov 2023)

Opening theme
Special Hank Snow
Texas Plains – Hank Snow (1965)
The Texas Cowboy – Hank Snow (1939)
Cool Water – Hank Snow (1965)
The Man Who Robbed the Bank at Santa Fe – Hank Snow (’63)
Blue Rose of the Rio – Hank Snow
Out on the Open Range – Hank Snow (1948)
The Man Behind the Gun – Hank Snow (1960)
La Paloma (instrumental)- Hank Snow
My Texas Bluebonnet Queen – Hank Snow (1946)
The Town of Laredo – Hank Snow (1963)
Cowhand’s Last Ride – Hank Snow (’69)

Hank Snow – The Rhumba Boogie

Chant of the Wanderer – Hank Snow (1956)
The Wayward Wind – Hank Snow (’65)
Spanish Fireball – Hank Snow
Song of the Saddle – Hank Snow (1953)
At the Rainbow’s End – Sons of the Pioneers (’66)
Country Corner: Some of Hank Snow’s contemporaries
Settin’ the Woods on Fire – Hank Williams
Anytime – Eddie Arnold (’48)
My Shoes Keep Walkin’ Back to You – Ray Price & his Cherokee Cowboys fea Tommy Jackson
Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way – Carl Smith
The Golden Rocket – Hank Snow & the Rainbow Ranch Boys
Closing theme


Western Music Time (1-5 Nov 2023)

Western Music Time And More Podcast


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