Love That Country Music November 11

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Love That Country Music November 11

Set List:
Christy Hays – Guess That’s What You Get
Charley Crockett – All The Way From Atlanta
Angela Easterling – Halfway Down
Maple Run Band – Tears Of A Fool
The Local Honeys – If I Could Quit
Thomas Cassell – Traveling Shoes
Bryson Waind and the CB – The Mountains
The Standing Waves – Red Roses
Brother and The Hayes – Nothing To Do
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra – Trouble Is
Michael Paul Lawson – I Know Where I’m Going Tonight
Cody Jinks – I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore
Shorty and the Mustangs – Cascade of Whiskey
Lincoln Grounds – Staying Out Tonight
Randy Sinz – Alone With You
Ol Whitetail – Coonhound

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Love That Country Music November 11

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