Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing – One Way To Swing

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Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing
One Way To Swing ( Single )

Initially when they began being issued, I resisted reviewing releases of single songs and two to six-song EP s, preferring to wait for the forthcoming albums. But in the age of downloads…and COVID 19…it appears some of those songs may not be destined for inclusion in larger projects. Therefore, I reluctantly change with the times. And if you know me, you realize the wrenching struggle that is!!

Here is a frisky single from the accomplished young swinger Carlos Washington…genuine cowboy, former PRC Bull Rider and Team Penning Champion who continues to ranch on land that spans southern Colorado into northern New Mexico. This treatment of the Dennis Anderson/David Sexton song “One Way To Swing” could convince us deep truth lies in that title, due to players like session producer Ernie Martinez (electric Eastman archtop and Gibson ES137 guitars), Hailey Sandoz (fiddle), Jim Fischer (electric upright bass) and Daniel “Quiz” Quisenberry (drums). There’s room on this track for those talents to work out nicely. It is sure to make you hungry for more…which we’ll have to hope will show up before long!

Song: available for purchase and download on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon

– by Rick Huff



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