Dan McCorison – Me And Les

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Dan McCorison - Me And Les

Dan McCorison
Me And Les

Considering that this release contains three co-writes with the inimitable Les Buffham and another song dedicated to friendship with him, obviously Arizona singer-songwriter Dan McCorison feels ‘Les is more.’ That, of course, is a simple fact of nature!

McCorison’s primarily acoustic accompaniment is tastefully executed by five musicians who contribute twelve instruments (counting Dan’s own guitar) to the mix. Picks from the McCorison solo writes are the title track tribute “Me And Les” and “Dust Of Los Angeles” for its interesting juxtapositions. Pick co-writes are the three McCorison/Buffham songs “Welcome To Wickenburg,” “Wyoming Dreaming” and “Riding Out To Meet The Day.” As picks among the covers, we’ll name most of them! A swinging, adroitly arranged take of Frank Loesser’s “Jingle Jangle Jingle,” Joyce Woodson’s modern standard “If I Hadn’t Seen The West,” Jack Murphey’s “Lights Of Cheyenne,” Lisa Aschmann & Tim Bays’ fun swinger “Long Arms Of Love” and Brian Sutton’s non-Western but memorably instructive song “The More I Learn.”

Simply stated, Dan McCorison & friends have delivered a little gem with this one. Thirteen tracks, very highly recommended.

CD: (avalable through danmccorison.com)

– by Rick Huff


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