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New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Valerie Beard - No Better Life



Valerie Beard – No Better Life

Not just the soulmate of poet Floyd Beard, Valerie Beard has quickly become recognized in her own right as a keen observer of Western life and thinking. Her album notes detail the inspirations for the works, helping budding creators realize…if they are open… ideas can pop up anywhere.
Valerie Beard - No Better Life
Cover CD Valerie Beard – No Better Life
Jean Prescott journeyed to Colorado to produce the project and Beard writes of her involvement the album “changed from a poetry CD to a work of art.” Adding to that art are the sensitive musical pads from Dale Burson. Some pick tracks include a hybrid on which Prescott sings and Beard recites “The Ridge/The Reunion,” “The Guardians of the Gate,” title track “No Better Life,” another Prescott guesting on “Welcome Home Girls,” “Up In Flames” and Beard’s covers of Knibbs’ “Where The Ponies Come To Drink (w/hubby Floyd),” Kiskaddon’s “To Those Who’ve Come Before” (w/Burson’s vocal) and Al Albrethson’s nutty “The Service Station.”
For my ear, had Beard’s delivery been just a hair more one-to-one (less projected) the effect would have been heightened that much more. But her verse is the real star. To paraphrase the old tongue twister, her words were worth what Wordsworth’s words were worth!!
Twelve tracks total, highly recommended.

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by Rick Huff



Valerie Beard – No Better Life




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