The Dan Canyon Band – Canyon Songs

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The Dan Canyon Band
Canyon Songs

Applying the classic points of criticism (what are the artists trying to say, do they say it well and is it worth saying), let’s criticize.

More than trying to say it, The Dan Canyon Band’s leader specifically says “we are a modern cowboy band trying to bring something new to the Western Music genre while honoring the past.” Done. Moving ahead, this Washington State group’s instrumentation consists of electric and slide guitars, bass, steel and drums in a Country Rockish mix. If you’re good with that, you’re good with them. Some of it rocks and some of it swings. All seven of the Dan Canyon originals and his co-write done with Cindy K. Roberts “Those Ears (The Mule Song)” are graced with relevant lyrics and are well sung and played. Also notable are the songs “Still Playin’ Cowboy,” “I Always Did Want A Job Where I Could Wear My Cowboy Hat” and “Nothing’s Too Good For A Cowboy.”

As to the album’s technical production, we remain unconvinced the particular types of vocal filtering employed in the name of “something different” elevate the material to a higher level which, we assume, is the point of the exercise. In other words, just because an artist who goes by “Megan Thee Stallion” might use them, it doesn’t automatically make some computer effects “Westernware.” Nonetheless, within the framework of everything stated above, we’ll still recommend it. The band and their material are worthy of your consideration. Eight tracks.

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– by Rick Huff

Track List

1 – Still Playin’ Cowboy
2 – Nothing’s Too Good For A Cowboy
3 – I’m Dreamin’ of You In My Arms
4 – I Always Did Want A Job where I Could Wear My Cowboy Hat
5 – SixGun Philosophy
6 – Can You Lasso The Wind
7 – Those Ears
8 – By The Light From Western Stars


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