Swinging Country October 15

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL /Swinging Country October 15

Howdy Everyone this week is FULL of News Updates Event Happenings and more!!! Swinging right out with Steve Markwardt then I’ll Welcome you in update some Birthplace of Western Swing News and CMA Of Texas Awards Shows this next Tuesday & Wednesday in Lubbock, TX. We will hear another from Steve Markwardt, Jake Hooker, Kristyn Harris, Cathy Jewell Among the 2022 Award Winners Tuesday. Next We’ll hear from 2023 Award Winners this coming Wednesday Bobby Mackey & Claude Gray, R.S. Vandiver AKA Shane & The Nightlife. Vanessa Bourne, Chuck Cusimano and along the Way a Skit Thanks to Kent Thompson.
Then I am rebroadcasting A Very Interesting and Informative Visit between Cathy Jewell & @Jeff James. CEO of Pickle Jar which is playing a Big Roll in this Years CMA Of Texas Events. Artist , Radio Personalities, & Fans alike will be Interested in this visit. A Couple more Winners Claude Gray, Lucy Dean Record.
Next RnR Event Center NEWS Rnr Eventmgr with a Double Shot from Tommy Hooker, Chuck Cusimano.
Then This Saturday Night In Gail TX Becky Justice – Ford’s The Coyote Store Host T.G. Sheppard, Johnny Lee, Cathy Jewell we will listen to each. And in Two Weeks OCT.29 The Season Finale Gene Watson, The Bellamy Brothers, David Frizzell.
Then I’m Soinnung Two I very recently World Radio Premiered Lonnie Spiker, Bobby Mackey.
Dena Wood’s NDX Corner Has Scott Southworth, Clint A Bradley.
And we are Out of time! A Lot going on Stay tuned to Swinging Country. Join Us Each Saturday During Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK which is For YOU Chat Make Friends Catch Up with Friends Comment Post Pictures Just Have FUN. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country October 15



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