Swinging Country May 27

Swinging Country May 27, DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL – Swinging Country May 27


Howdy everyone I Hope that each of you will have a safe & Good Weekend But Let’s Remember the Reason for this weekend It was Paid For by those who Have FOUGHT for our Freedoms and Died Defending them! And quite frankly it’s time to be ready to Fight again!!! ALL Indications are we are in for a Wet one for several more days here on the South Plains of Texas. I’ll kick this weeks episode off with Western Swing from Rick Norcross & The Ramblers, Cowboy Joe Babcock & Trail Jazz, Steve Markwardt.
Next Bought to you by Becky Justice – Ford & The Coyote Store Gail TX. Lorrie Morgan, The Bellamy Brothers.
Swinging Country May 27
Billy Bowles
Then as We Observe this Weekend the Next Group puts our Minds to Work coming to us from Merle Haggard, Curt Ryle. Folloewd by A World Radio Single Premiere that I’ve asked the Writer & Artist to Introduce himself R.j. Vandygriff followed by his Song Proud To Be Deplorables. Hear it First on Swinging Country. And that is followed by very Fitting songs from Cathy Jewell, Missy Dunaway.
From There we Get Serious about WHY this Three Day Weekend Exist Starting with a Explanation & History Lesson from KBEF Disc Jockey Hd Ainsworth. And then I’ll Visit With Ray Mefford CEO of The V Inc. About The V, About Memorial Day and about The Tribute Album Avalialbe from The V. Have your Pen & Paper ready. I’ll spin 3 Tunes from that Album that Totally fit Memorial Day from Daryn Wright, Betsy Nelson Herrell, Curt Ryle.
The Next Grouping up has Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, Lonnie Bartmess, Keith George, H. F. Ritchie.
Next Grouping has Billy Ray Cyrus, Brad Howard, Radney Foster, Trace Adkins.
Moving on we have George Jones, The Statler Brothers, Keith Phillips.
Joe Paul Nichols. And Closing it out Bobby Flores.
Friends this will be a Powerful Episode and one I Hope you Take to Heart. Join Me on my Personal Timeline for S W I N G – B A C K
For Fellowship Pictures Chat Etc. As we listen. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country May 27



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