Swinging Country February 27

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy every one will be Swinging right out with Cowboy Joe Babcock & Trail Jazz. My first grouping will be Western Swing from Steve Markwardt, Garry Ash, Jody Nix, Rick Norcross & The Ramblers, Joe Babcock.
Next Traditional Country from Vanessa Bourne, Diane McCall, and a Double spin from Cathy Jewell.
The Next grouping with a theme has Richard Lynch, Johnny Angel, Ken Goldsmith, Tim Atwood.
Next we take a trip with Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, Garry Ash, Gil Prather.
Western Music grouping from Donnie Poindexter, Jerry Webb, Moe Bandy. Followed by a Perfect pairing from Jerry Jeff Walker, AK Moss. Next a Double Spin from Alicia Summers McLeod.
Another theme from Justin Trevino, Red Stegall, J.W.W. and The Prospectors.
Another Theme grouping featuring Craig Murphy, Will Banister, Carl Finey, Mel Tillis.
Closing out with Margie Singleton, Dee Jee Overby.
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Till then also watch for Promotional Video. Till Then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—
Producer(s) Nelson Larkin and Harold Shedd





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