Swinging Country Dec 12

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans I’ll Swing it to you from Steve Markwardt, Big John Mills & Kent Finlay, Dale Watson & Texas Dancehall Legend Johnny Bush. Then we go Hardcore REAL Traditional Country with a Double Spin from Vanessa Bourne followed by one from my Spotlight Featured Artist & Co Host Hallmark Chuck Cusimano. After which Chuck joins me first to remember and pay Tribute to Billy Martin. From there we feature Artist from his about to be released Compilation My Friends Sing My Songs. I first play a couple that I Have already World Radio Premiered one from Leah Sawyer & one from Lisa Layne. After which We will World Radio Premiere Chuck Cusimano Compositions Sang by Caesar Ozuna, – Johnny Johnson, – Tommy Hooker, – Larry Lange, – C.B. Sutton, – Tommy Horton, Will Banister. With a lot of Information along the way. Then the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I Promised will be made!!! Have Pen and Paper ready! After the Big News Two Tunes from Hallmark Chuck Cusimano himself. Next a great Christmas tune from Brownfield Native Gary P. Nunn, then Skip Ewing.
From there Local Area Talent Lonnie Joe Howell, – Spur 327 Band, – Kelly Hastey & Cadillac Jack.
Closing out with a Classic Christmas Tune from Kristi Kaylyn.
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