Swinging Country August 13

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Howdy Friends Welcome Upfront it’s been a Long tough Week down with Bronchitis and Just plain sick. But I’ve got You what I hope is A Entertaining Slick & Polished Show Together! Swinging out with Bobby Mackey then I’ll with what voice I could muster Welcome you in. And Talk about the Cowtown Jamboree Coming August 26 National Hall Fort Worth Texas We’ll hear from Artist Participating Band Leader Steve Markwardt, Curt Ryle, Lonnie Bartmess, Jasmine Mcdonald, Brayden Ryle. I’ll also Discuss Michael Markwardt’s Documentary The Birth and History of Western Swing as well as The Cowtown Birthplace Of Western Swing Festival November 10 – 12 2022 With Tunes from JD Barham’s Cowjazz Western Swing Band with Robert BakerAKA Bobby Baker «Man Of Steel» on vocal. Then The Quebe Sisters.
Next we remember a Music Legend with Susanne Abbey’s Assistance & Help she did A Wonderful Tribute to Olivia Newton John on Her ALL Request Jukebox Show I asked if she had recorded it sadly she didn’t But was Kind enough to to Record some very Important Information for me and for You in Tribute. Although Olivia’s Music wasn’t exact;ly Traditional Country it Was Awesome Music and Very Popular during my Teen Years in Fact Like ALL Other Teen Age Boys & Men everywhere I too Had a Crush for her and Loved her Music. So Three of her Many Greats.

Next As we Anticipate the Upcoming Shows Becky Justice – Ford Has Scheduled The Coyote Store Gail TX we’ll Hear from Neal McCoy, Jamie Richards, T. G. Shepard, Johnny Lee.

Next NDX Additions Bobby Mackey, Terry Robbins a Couple I recently World Radio Premiered and a Classic Rereleased Hank Thompsom Three Different type Drinking Songs 🙂
Moving on with Tunes from W.G. Banister / Will Banister, 419 Swing Band, @Rick George, Kevin Fullen, Billy Parker.
From Rnr Eventmgr / RnR Event Center C.W. Sturgeon, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano
Next Grouping has Johnny Angel, Ken Goldsmith, Tim Atwood
Final Grouping Penny Gilley Stanglin, Donna Richard Lynch, @Scott Dawson And Closing out with an Instrumental from Jody Nix
One thing is for sure Great Music with as little Talk as I could get by with I hope you enjoy. NEXT WEEK A World RADIO ALBUM PREMIERE Featuring Several Yet to be Heard Songs from Steve Markwardt’s New CD Swing Country With Steve Joining Me as Special Guest God Willing & I’m Well by then!
NO VIDEO PROMO this week due to My Being sick. Please Pass along this Post and Join US tomorrow Morning During the Broadcast for S W I N G – B A C K Where you comment chime in Post Pictures etc! Fun & Fellowship Join US PARTICIPATE!!! And Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country August 13



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