Susie Knight – Lookin’ For One Good Cowboy (2021 )

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Susie Knight – Lookin’ For One Good Cowboy

Susie Knight
“Lookin’ For One Good Cowboy”

Yep, we’re reviewing singles and EPs now, thanks to the download world!

The rowdy, ride-‘em-and-rope-‘em vocal style of Susie Knight is very right for this Ragtime-type release by Baxter Black. And ‘by Baxter Black” is the way to say it, for it was his vision with his words, music and wallet that brought it about. The award-winning Arizona poet/singer called the award-winning Colorado poet/singer and asked her to record the song. Then they booked an appropriate group of players to give it the proper gusto: Kit Simon (rhythm guitar), Andy Hall (dobro), Jack Thorp expert Rex Rideout (mandolin) and Greg Garrison (bass). The result is a nifty novelty with plenty of look out boy she’s comin’ atcha panache!

“Lookin’ For One Good Cowboy” should garner plenty of airplay on the Western-friendly shows, which will make it show up in the IWMA Western Airplay chart, fer shure!! Watch for download opportunities. Inquiries can be directed to or

– by Rick Huff

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