Randy Huston – Times Like These

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Randy Huston - Times Like These

Randy Huston – Times Like These 2022, For being such an accomplished Cowboy poet/singer, to my way of thinking Randy Huston is far too unsung. Whether Huston is dealing with the somber, the jubilant, the novel, the portrait or the moment in his Western creations, Huston artfully writes from experience with more than a dash of panache. This release is arguably his best one yet.
As always each of his tracks has a good reason for being, but we’ll name as picks the elegantly arranged “Where The Storms Go To Die,” “Reflections,” the private man-to-horse equation “Ride Of My Life,” “Dust Off Your Saddle,” the meaningful insight of title track “Times Like These,” the rallying “Way Of The Cowboy” (both mixes), the jaunty if dour “Tumblebug Blues” and the swinging “Cowboy Card.”
Going back to the 1980s when I first came across his work, I’ve found Randy Huston simply doesn’t misfire. His newest album is another production of both Cowboy scope and power. Thirteen tracks, very highly recommended.
CD: $18 ppd from Randy Huston, PO Box 875, Rociada, NM 87742 or through randyhuston.com
– by Rick Huff




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