Jimmie Rodgers – Standing on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9)

100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time! It was released in 1931, becoming an instant favorite among country music enthusiasts, solidifying Jimmie Rodgers' place in the country music hall of fame.

Unveiling the Magic of Jimmie Rodgers – Standing on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9)

Have you ever found yourself standing on the corner, curious about the musical journey of Jimmie Rodgers and his iconic tune, «Standing on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9)»? Well, you’re in for a treat as we dive into the heart of this timeless country classic.

Unraveling the Story Behind the Song

Jimmie Rodgers - Standing on the Corner
B-Side Jimmie Rodgers RCA 1931
Picture this: it’s a sunny day, and you’re standing on the corner of curiosity, eager to explore the roots of Jimmie Rodgers’ masterpiece. Recorded on July 16, 1930, this song takes us back to a golden era of country music. The genius behind the lyrics? None other than Jimmie Rodgers. As the notes came alive, RCA Victor worked their magic, creating a track that would stand the test of time.
«Standing on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9)» it was not included in its release on any album, only released as a single, accompanied on the B-side by «Looking For A New Mama», becoming an instant favorite among country music enthusiasts, solidifying Jimmie Rodgers’ place in the country music hall of fame.

The Heart of the Song: Unveiling the Meaning

Now, let’s unravel the meaning behind the lyrics. «Standing on the Corner», is a blues-country song that portrays a Tennessee hustler standing on a corner in Memphis. The character, who is confused and scared after being stopped by a police officer, is also a dangerous and threatening man who defends his woman. The song, which is an expression of Southern masculinity and rural American life in the 1930s, is a mixture of blues, country, and jazz.. Jimmie Rodgers’ storytelling prowess shines through, making this track a timeless narrative that resonates with the essence of country living.

Jimmie Rodgers: A Country Music Maverick

Jimmie Rodgers - Standing on the Corner
Jimmie Rodgers
Dive into the world of Jimmie Rodgers, a pioneer in the country music scene. With numerous number-one hits under his belt, Rodgers became a trailblazer, paving the way for generations to come. His unique style and storytelling ability set him apart, earning him a special place in the hearts of country music lovers.
As we stand on the corner of musical discovery, let’s explore the depths of «Standing on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9).» From its recording date to the chart-topping success, every note tells a story. Join us on this journey through time, and let the melody guide you through the rich history of country music.


Jimmie Rodgers – Standing on the Corner (Blue Yodel #9) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Standin’ on the corner I didn’t mean no harm
Along come a police he took me by the arm
It was down in Memphis on the corner of Beale and Main
He says big boy you’ll have to tell me your name
Dee-oh-dee-lay-ee, eh-ee, oh-dee-lay-ee
[Verse 2]
I said you’ll find my name on the tail of my shirt
I’m a Tennessee hustler I don’t have to work
So listen all you rounders you better leave my women alone
‘Cause I’ll take my Special and run all you rounders home
Dee-oh-dee-lay-ee, eh-ee, oh-dee-lay-ee
[Verse 3]
My good gal love me, everybody knows
And she paid a hundred cash dollars to buy me a suit of clothes
She come to the joint, a forty-four in each hand
She said «step aside all you women and men ‘cause I’m looking for my man»
Dee-oh-dee-lay-ee, eh-ee, oh-dee-lay-ee


Jimmie Rodgers - Standing on the Corner
Single Jimmie Rodgers RCA 1931


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