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New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Micki Fuhrman - Westbound

Micki Fuhrman – Westbound, From the first notes of Micki Fuhrman’s opening track, I knew her album “Westbound” stood the chance of containing some of the freshest takes of you-name-it that I have yet encountered! It lived up to that, with full bodied arrangements and elegant production (both from Ron Oates) along with exemplary musicianship on all levels.
There’s not a misfire in the bunch, but we’ll name some picks: Fuhrman’s opening all-gal treatment of “Buffalo Gals” I alluded to up front, novelist/historian Johnny D. Boggs’ “Loving Country” with Jon Chandler guesting and the classic Ken Darby/Lionel Newman movie song “River Of No Return” featuring backup harmony that includes Buck (son of Tennessee Ernie) Ford. Another “dream duet” as she calls them pairs her with Ronnie (son of Marty) Robbins on his dad’s “Is There Any Chance.” A swinging original pick would be Fuhrman’s “What A Moon.” Others include her involving “Stories That The Rocks Tell” and, in her hands, Bob Telson’s mystical and chilling “Calling You” literally raised goosebumps! Kudos to the cover art choice as well. Pups can sell anything!
Eleven tracks, very highly recommended.
CD: (contact Great Planet Records at (615) 948-0140 or MickiFuhrmanMusic.com
– by Rick Huff


Micki Fuhrman – Westbound

01 – Buffalo Gals
02 – Blue Prairie
03 – What A Moon
04 – River of No Return
05 – Stories That The Rocks Tell
06 – Loving Country
07 – Runaway Heart
08 – Goin’ Oklahome
09 – Calling You
10 – Is There Any Chance
11 – You Oughta See Wyoming


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