TruCountry Johnny Bush And Becky Hobbs

“Rural America’s Most Important Network,” RFD-TV, is the only place to find TruCountry! This half-hour program showcases the finest traditional country music that America has to offer. Recorded live at the four-acre Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas, each episode of TruCountry features live performances by some of the nation’s most authentic country music artists, playing good-time songs to a jam-packed dance floor.
Hosted by Rockwell, a legend in the Bakersfield honky-tonk scene, TruCountry presents the singing and songwriting of traditional country artists like Amber Digby, Heather Myles, Darrell McCall, Mona McCall, Leona Williams, James Hand, Justin Trevino, Bobby Flores, Jake Hooker, Miss Leslie, Bode Barker, Dallas Wayne, Jim Loessberg, and many more. Each episode is full to the brim with hot ‘n heavy shuffles, heartfelt ballads, shimmering steel guitar, and foot-stompin’, boot-scootin’ Americana.

TruCountry is the real deal: authentic, down-home, honky-tonk country that represents the musical heritage of America. The show highlights both veteran performers and young artists who embrace the true roots of country music. Think of it as “Austin City Limits” for the kind of hardcore country that is increasingly hard to find on the radio. Here’s what some of the TruCountry artists have to say:
Leona Williams: “I think it’s going to be the best thing we’ve had going in country music in a long time. The atmosphere was great, the sound was wonderful, and we had so many great artists on hand for the show. I think it will do a lot for country music today!”
Heather Myles: “Tru Country is a night of the best traditional country music in America. This is real; this is authentic. This music really speaks to the working class, and that’s who we’re playing it for. It’s America’s music. It’s important, it’s pure, and it’s the real deal.”
RFD-TV represents the heartland and spirit of America, and TruCountry is proud to be part of that heritage.


TruCountry Johnny Bush And Becky Hobbs


Johnny Bush – Sound Of A Heartache
Johnny Bush – Green Snakes On The Ceiling
Johnny Bush – Whiskey River
Becky Hobbs – They Always Look Better When They’re Leavin’
Becky Hobbs – Yellow Pages Under Blue
Becky Hobbs – Are There Anymore Like You



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