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Micki Fuhrman – Westbound, When CDs from Western Music veterans show up….the ones who really have their props under them….it’s cause for joy. Yippee!! A new Patty Clayton album has come! She has long been a noted proponent of Hawaii’s Paniolo Cowboy culture and music, but here the title of this newest album means exactly what it says.

There’s plenty of variety in acoustic music styles and originality of perspective in addressing the subject. Original Clayton picks include the CD’s opening waltz “Prairie Passages,” the novel educations found in both “Prairie Dog Blues” and “Buffalo Chips” and my all-time favorite Clayton song from years back “Red Buffalo” is “revisited” here, too. All the covers are picks: Pharis & Jason Romero’s swinging “Long Gone Out West Blues,” Paul Wallis Schoenlaub Jr.’s “One Lone Man” and John McInturff’s “The Lilacs & The Roses” featuring his celtic guitar work. Other Clayton cohorts on this impeccably performed release are Ernie Martinez (Dobro/mandolin/vocal harmonies), David Richardson (banjo/harmonies), Ron Jones (fiddle) and Jon Chandler (harmonica).

This is a very pleasant album, and Patty Clayton’s gentle vocal vibrancy is always welcome on the ears.
Eleven tracks, very highly recommended.

CD: $15 “plus shipping” (?) or download through

– by Rick Huff


Patty Clayton – The Real West

1- Prairie Passages
2 – Long Gone out West Blues
3 – A Call for Brides
4 – This Flat Land
5 – Red Buffalo
6 – Prairie Dog Blues
7 – Wagonhound
8 – One Lone Man
9 – The Lilacs and the Roses
10 – Buffalo Chips
11 – Before the Prairie Met the Plow
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