Mark Munzert – Pensive ‘n’ Playful (2021 )

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Mark Munzert - Pensive 'n' Playful

Mark Munzert
“Pensive ‘n’ Playful ”

A straightforward Cowboy Poetry collection awaits you in Mark Munzert’s new one. He gives you the titles, then gives you the poems…no muss, no fuss! Munzert’s quicker portraits get in and out with a purpose, and when he chooses to tell a story he tells a good one, original and worthy.

Rhythmically…and by this I mean listening straight through from one work to the next…I will say for my ear the tracks are a bit tightly packed. I prefer to have a few more beats to register what I’ve heard. But “what I’ve heard” here is sturdy stuff. Picks include “Don’t Worry We’ll Get Through” for its scope, “High ‘n’ Low” for its spare yet strong images, “Peril” for…nope, y’better experience it for yourself, “Cougar” for the opposite reason than “Peril,” “Kneaded Relief” and a fine horse moment, “Mustang Sally” a more than pensive broken horse spirit, “An Old Cowboy Would” for sheer originality and “Great Unexpectations” for his picture of the kind of day poetry can best portray.

As a performer, Mark Munzert may not be the “actor” some are, but he’s more Poet than many. Twenty-four tracks, recommended.

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– by Rick Huff

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