Swinging Country July 17

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Y’ALL what a Show in store for you this week on The Day of Billy Bowles Swinging Country Celebration At The Legendary Coyote Country Store In Gail, TX. Featuring Jake Hooker and The Outsiders – Lisa Layne & One Layne Road – And Gary Nix and West Texas!!! Three Great Dance Bands Dancing under the Stars, If you are coming General Admission Bring your own Lawn Chairs Please. This weeks Show Artist line up for my Playlist goes as follows.
Bret Raper
Jake Hooker
Lisa Layne
Gary Nix
Billy Wright
Betty Nelson
Tayla Lynn
Justin Trevino & Sharon Kenaston
Lonnie Spiker
Steve Markwardt
Jerry Webb
Webb Pierce
Gil Prather X 2
Bobby Flores
Coby Carter
Next Up is A World Radio Album Premiere From an Area Band Called 419 Swing Band
I’ll Play Seven Cuts off There New actually First CD Titled Me Crown And Seven along with a Three Part Interview with Band Leader Lance Shaw After which
Confederate Railroad
Bellamy Brothers
Neal McCoy
Jake Hooker
Lisa Layne
Gary Nix
Closing out with a Song of Inspiration from Jake Hooker.
Sorry this posting is Late. I would appreciate you sharing it with anyone that you would like to listen. Introduce your friends to Swinging Country. As Always Please Have Pen and Paper ready for Information of Interest. Join us on MY Personal Billy Bowles Timeline during the Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK for Fun & Fellowship. Till Then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country–


1 Bret_Raper_Deep_Water
VT 1 Welcome – Back Sell – Tonight in Gail TX
2 Jake_Hooker_Loving_Here_Living_There_And_Lying_In_Between
3 Lisa_Layne_Someone_Had_To_Teach_You
4 Gary_Nix_Just_One_More_Memory
VT 2 Hard Sell BBSCC – NDX
5 Billy_Wright_Something_About_A_Jukebox
6 Betty_Nelson_I_Tripped_Over_Your_Memory
7 Tayla_Lynn_Here_I_Am_Again
8 Justin_Trevino_Sharon_Keniston_Your_Old_Stand_By
VT 3 Back Sell – NDX
9 Lonnie_Spiker_All_Her_Memories_Are_In_Fort_Worth
10 Steve_Markwardt_Cowtown_USA
11 Jerry_Webb_Here_In_Old_Fort_Worth
12 Webb_Pierce_Cowtown
VT 4 County – Line –
13 Gil_Prather_Fool
14 Gil_Prather_Looking_For_Home
VT 5 Kylitos – P.T. Events
15 Bobby_Flores_I’m_Still_Not_Over_You
16 Coby_Carter_Lonesome_Town
VT 6 P.T. Events – Introduce 419 Swing WRP
17 419_Swing_Band_Miles_And_Miles_Of_Texas
Interview Part 1 Lance Shaw 419
18 419_Swing_Band_Her_Eyes_Don’t_Lie
19 419_Swing_She_Saw_Daddy_In_Me
Interview Part 2 Lance Shaw 419 Swing Band
20 419_Swing_Green_Snakes_On_The_Ceiling
21 419_Swing_Band_Headin_Home
Interview Part 3 Lance Shaw 419 Swing Band
22 419_Swing_Band_Sunshine_Turned_To_Rain
23 419_Swing_Band_Me_Crown_And_Seven
VT 7 Back Sell – Coming Up @ The Coyote Country Store
24 Confederate_Railroad_Summer_In_Dixie
25 Bellamy_Brothers_Do_You_Love
26 Neal_McCoy_Wink
VT 8 Coyote
27 Jake_Hooker_Undo_The_Right
28 Lisa_Layne_Here_Comes_The_Loneliness
29 Gary_Nix_Too_Much_To_Forget
VT 9
30 Jake_Hooker_Just_A_Closer_Walk_With_Thee
VT 10 Close



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