Love That Country Music March 26

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Love That Country Music March 26

Set List:
Jenny Marie McAdams – Long Way Down
Mustangs of The West – In The Real West
Terry Klein – Such a Town
Pleasure Horse – Aways Away
Kristy Cox – Good Morning Moon
Wildfire – Quiet Country Town
Svante Sjöblom – Here’s To Truth
Jonah Tolchin – Frosty
Richard Inman – Cost You Everything
Lance Rogers – Outside The Lines
Antoinette & The Bluebonnets – Lonesome Tonight
David Gideon – Nice to Meet You
The Clouses – Poor Mans Rose
Geoffrey Miller – Cold Coffee Warm Beer
Benny Fred Kothmann – Think I’ll Go Down to Old Mexico
Frank Jacket – Swing de La Palomita

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Love That Country Music March 26

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