Love That Country Music December 16

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Love That Country Music December 16

Set List:
Zach Pietrini – Dead End Town
Veronica Stanton – Won’t Be Back Soon
Comanche Moon – Love Me Again
Sam Morrow – More
Hot Buttered Rum – Way Back Days
The Lucky Ones – Goodbye Train
Christy Hays – La Vida
Dawn Riding – Nine Lives
Kenny Shore – She’s Broken
Sarah Lee Langford & Will Stewart – Robby
Case Hardin – Lucky Him
Elijah Ocean – In a Perfect World
Randy Sinz – Invitation to the Blues
Kayla Mahomed – Thirsty Girls
The Misery Mountain Boys – I Threw My Telephone In The River
Melissa Carper – Holding All The Cards

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Love That Country Music December 16

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