Joe Diamond – I Start All Over

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Joe Diamond - I Start All Over

Joe Diamond – I Start All Over

[A Tribute To His Days With Johnny Paycheck]

Joe Diamond - I Start All Over
Cover CD Joe Diamond – I Start All Over
We’ll say three Western Swing tracks and two marginally Western songs qualify this one for review here. Joe Diamond is a veteran performer who still has it together vocally, residing solidly with the Paycheck/Buck Owens school of performers. The swinging medium tempo title track “I Start All Over” comes from Cheryl Durham Owens, the uptempo entry from Charlie & Ira Louvin is “Are You Teasing Me” and the slower one is Diamond’s original “My Angel’s Gone To Hell,” so we’ve got the Western Swing dancers covered!
The one Johnny Paycheck-penned entry in the collection definitely does not subscribe to the old saying “the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune!” Paycheck’s “Old Violin” demands equal time on that claim, dourly equating the instrument’s fate to being put away and forgotten. A second Joe Diamond original in this collection extols the healing properties of returning to the “Corpus Christi Sun.” The remainder of the release is Country in the more Classic mold all the way and should be welcomed and championed by those who decry that Country ain’t “Country” anymore. Recommended for them, ten tracks total.


– by Rick Huff


Joe Diamond – I Start All Over

Track list

01. I Wish I Had the Job (Paycheck Told Them All To Shove)
02. Walking Piece of Heaven
03. You’d Think I’d Learn
04. Is It All Right If I Clry Now
05. I Start All Over
06. How Much Rain Can One Man Stand
07. Are You Teasing Me
08. My Angel’s Gone To Hell
09. Corpus Christi Sun
10. Old Violin


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