Western Music Time (18-22 Oct 2023)

New Podcast ! Western Music Time (18-22 Oct 2023) DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time (18-22 Oct 2023)

Opening theme
Special Eddy Arnold
Down the Trail to San Antone – Sons of the Pioneers
Salute to Eddy Arnold
Cattle Call – Eddy Arnold
Streets of Laredo – Eddy Arnold
Leanin’ on the Old Top Rail – Eddy Arnold
Sioux City Sue – The Willis Bros aka The Oklahoma Wranglers
A Cowboy’s Dream – Eddy Arnold
Ole Faithful – Eddy Arnold
The Wayward Wind – Eddy Arnold
Tumbling Tumbleweeds – Eddy Arnold
Cowpoke – Eddy Arnold
Where the Mountains Meet the Sky – Eddy Arnold
Sierra Sue – Eddy Arnold
Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie – Eddy Arnold
(Jim) I Wore a Tie Today – Eddy Arnold
Cowboy – Eddy Arnold
Country Corner
Take Me in your Arms and Hold Me – Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold – Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me

You Don’t Have to be a Baby to Cry – Tenn Ernie Ford
Don’t Just Stand There – Carl Smith
Blue Canadian Rockies – Cliffie Stone & his Hometown Jamboree Gang fea Tenn Ernie Ford
My Home in Apple Valley – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen
Closing theme


Western Music Time (18-22 Oct 2023)

Western Music Time And More Podcast


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