Bill Abernathy – Who Are You Who Am I (2021 )

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Bill Abernathy
Who Are You Who Am I

This well-done four song EP from Missouri balladeer/songwriter Bill Abernathy is being covered here mainly for his fine cover of “A Thousand Wild Horses,” a song from the team of Gary Burr and Sam & Annie Tate. It adroitly uses stampede imagery to illustrate the idea of past misdeeds charging in to overrun the singer, and in any playlist paddock it’s a keeper.

Abernathy certainly possesses plenty of Cowboy grit in his voice, which makes him naturally primed to be able to give us more Cowboy material down the trail. One of his non-Western Folk Rock offerings here “More Than Meets The Eye” is incendiary yet general enough to be used as a rallying anthem by either side of our current political divide (although another of his songs called “World’s Foremost Authority On Everything” may hint at the artist’s own leanings). The EP closes with its title track “Who Are You Who Am I?” Well you may ask!

Bill Abernathy obviously has something good to offer. Here’s hoping he elects to offer more of it to the Western Music genre.

CD/Track Downloads: through searching “Bill Abernathy” or perhaps “Enneagram Records.”

– by Rick Huff


A Thousand Wild Horses
More Than Meets The Eye
World’s Foremost Authority On Everything
Who Are You Who Am I


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