Western Music Time (28 Feb-5 Mar 2024)

New Podcast ! Western Music Time (28 Feb-5 Mar 2024) DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time (28 Feb-5 Mar 2024)

OJ Sikes
OJ Sikes

Some Early Stars of the IWMA

Opening theme

Texas Plains – Rex Allen
That’s How the West was Swung – Roy Rogers & the KY Headhunters
King of the Cowboys – Dusty Rogers
Jingle in My Jeans – Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn
Call of the Wild – Rusty Richards & Sons of the Pioneers
Donnie, Catch a Horse for Me – RW Hampton
High Country – The Reinsmen fea Robert Wagoner
You Just Can’t See Him from the Road – Donnie Blantz, singer & co-composer
That’s how the Yodel was Born – Riders in the Sky
What Time’s the Train Leaving, Mister? – Jean Prescott
Pinto Pal – Hays County Gals & Pals
Great American Cowboy – Sons of the San Joaquin
Ride, Cowboy, Ride – Rex Allen, Jr
My Only Love – The Lobo Rangers fea Patty Bourne
Desert Night – Don Edwards w Rich O’Brien (guitar)
Hey, Pretty Cowgirl – New West fea Michael Flemming
A Two-Seated Saddle – Belinda Gail

Closing theme


Western Music Time (28 Feb-5 Mar 2024)

Western Music Time And More Podcast


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