Ernest Tubb – Slippin’ Around

Tubb's recording of "Slippin' Around" reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country & Western Best Seller chart, proving that the song's theme of forbidden love resonated with listeners. This success helped to further solidify Tubb's status as one of country music's leading voices.

Ernest Tubb – Slippin’ Around: The Classic Country Ballad

Country music has a way of telling heartfelt stories that resonate across generations. One such song is «Slippin’ Around,» made famous by Ernest Tubb. But did you know that the original version of «Slippin’ Around» was written by Floyd Tillman? It’s true. Tillman’s version, released in 1949, captured the emotional turmoil of forbidden love, and his soulful delivery made it an instant classic. So why did Ernest Tubb’s version become just as iconic? Let’s find out.

The Ernest Tubb Version

Ernest Tubb - Slippin' Around
Cover LP Ernest Tubb Decca 1959
Ernest Tubb, a legendary figure in country music, recorded his rendition of «Slippin’ Around» later in 1949. The song was part of his album «The Ernest Tubb Story,» a compilation that showcased Tubb’s deep voice. Produced by Decca Records, his version of «Slippin’ Around» was an immediate hit, climbing the charts and cementing its place in country music history.
Tubb’s recording of «Slippin’ Around» reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country & Western Best Seller chart, proving that the song’s theme of forbidden love resonated with listeners. This success helped to further solidify Tubb’s status as one of country music’s leading voices. It’s no wonder that fans and newcomers alike still seek out his version of «Slippin’ Around» to this day.

The Meaning Behind «Slippin’ Around»

The central theme of «Slippin’ Around» revolves around a clandestine romance. The lyrics speak to the challenges and emotional strains that come with trying to keep a relationship secret. Lines like «We’re not hurting anybody / Slippin’ around» capture the tension and thrill of such a scenario, making it easy for listeners to relate.

Ernest Tubb: A Country Legend

Ernest Tubb - There's No Room In My Heart (For The Blues)
Ernest Tubb
Ernest Tubb’s career spanned several decades, earning him a place in the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. He had a remarkable impact on the genre, with hits like «Walking the Floor Over You» and «Thanks a Lot.» Tubb was known for his signature honky-tonk style and a laid-back approach that made him a favorite among fans.
«Slippin’ Around» continues to be one of Ernest Tubb’s most beloved songs. The combination of heartfelt lyrics and Tubb’s rich vocal delivery creates a timeless quality that draws in listeners from every generation. Whether you’re a long-time country music fan or just discovering the genre, «Slippin’ Around» is a must-listen track that exemplifies the best of country music.
So next time you hear «Slippin’ Around,» remember that it’s more than just a song—it’s a story of love, heartache, and the timeless appeal of country music.


Ernest Tubb – Slippin’ Around Lyrics

Seems I always had to slip around to be with you my dear
Slippin’ around afraid we’d might be found
I know I can’t forget you and I’ve got to have you near
But we’ll just have to slip around and live in constant fear
Though you’re tied up with someone else and I’m all tied up too
I know I’ve made mistakes dear but I’m so in love with you
I hope someday I’ll find a way to bring you back with me
Then I won’t have to slip around to have our company
Though you’re tied up…


Ernest Tubb - Slippin' Around
Single Ernest Tubb Decca 1949
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