Swinging Country December 10

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SWING POST OFFICIAL for Swinging Country December 10 2022 @ KSSLFM.COM 10:AM – 12:PM CST USA TUNE IN
Swinging Country December 10
Swinging Country December 10
Howdy Fans Friends & Curious on lookers Due to Immense Interest and response to last weeks Broadcast remembering The Historic recordings of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys For The Last Time Selections and Multiple Request for more I’m Starting out with 5 More Selections!
Followed by SIX in a Row of Our Lovely & Talented Traditional Country Females Featuring Jenni Lyn Rumer, Vanessa Bourne, Cathy Jewell, Kristi Kalyn, Penny Gilley Stanglin, Myra Leffel Rolen. Next Up The Guys Featuring @Will W.G. Banister, Lance Shaw & 419 Swing Band, Rick George, Kevin Fullen, Jerry Collins. And Then Duos & More Bobby Mackey & Anita Mackey Schwarber, Texas Dancehall Legend Johnny Bush & JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ, Kelli Lewis Smith Sisters and the Sunday Drivers, Dee Jee Overbey, AKA Donna Overbey & Chuck Cusimano, Gary P. Nunn & Red Steagall. Dena Wood NDX Corner – Christmas Music from Curt Ryle, Brayden Ryle, Keith Phillips, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, and then New to Swinging Country Christmas Music from Sean Fahy, Dālene Richelle, Neil Cooper next Swinging Country Favorites from Michael Martin Murphey & Suzy Bogus, Gary P. Nunn, George Strait, Donna Richard Lynch.

A Full Show!!! Swing on in and Join us and Don’t forget to join us on SWING – BACK as You Listen for Chat & Fellowship on My Personal Billy Bowles Facebook Timeline. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country December 10



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