Jim Jones – Good Days Are Comin’

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Jim Jones – Good Days Are Comin’, This solo release from Jim (The Cowboy Way) Jones is another of those that shouldn’t be called a “solo!” He has assembled an exceptional support team, and this CD’s content justifies that effort.

Multi-instrumentalist and fellow Cowboy Way member Mariam Funke and multi-multi-multi-multi-instrumentalist Don Richmond are valuable participants. The highly adept mixing and mastering chops of Santa Fe’s Bill Palmer must be acknowledged as well. They all help put this one over the top. Picks include the optimistic title track, the collection’s two Jim Jones/Andi Renfree co-writes “Ride The River” and “Hours and Miles Away From Home,” the Jones/Deanna & Dave McCall collaboration “Old Horses & Old Men,” the Palo Duro “generated” but not specifically Western “This Too Shall Pass” and the Facebunk-inspired novelty “I’m Right And You’re Wrong.” And I would have included “In The Moment” but I’m not convinced the vocal apportionment makes stand-alone musical sense. Fine covers of Mickey Newberry’s “Why You Been Gone So Long” and the Andi Renfree/Clay Canfield/Wille McCulloch song “The Buffalo Grass” round things out. Thirteen tracks, highly recommended.

CD: $18 ppd or download through jimjoneswestern.com/

– by Rick Huff


Jim Jones – Good Days Are Comin’

Track List
1 – Ride the River
2 – From the Cradle to the Grave
3 – Hours and Miles Away from Home
4 – In the Moment (feat. Kacey Thunborg & Jenna Thunborg)
5 – Sailor’s Hornpipe (feat. Don Richmond & Mariam Funke)
6 – Mighty Fine Life
7 – Carmelita
8 – Old Horses and Old Men
9 – This Too Shall Pass
10 – I’m Right, You’re Wrong
11 – Why You Been Gone so Long
12 – The Buffalo Grass
13 – Good Days Are Comin’


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