Barbara Nelson – Swingin’ Open Range

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Barbara Nelson - Swingin' Open Range

Barbara Nelson – Swingin’ Open Range

On Album #10 from the swingin’ Oregonian Barbara Nelson, her distinctive, rich lady-bass vocals and gentle combo style backup are featured again and, as always, both serve her needs well.

CD picks that fall (or arguably fall) into the Western half of Western Swing include “Night Time In Nevada,” “Pecos Bill” and “They Call The Wind Mariah.” Others that you may never have thought of in a Western context are Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” and Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry” (whippoorwills are out west too, right?). Put those two songs in the mouth of a solitary cowboy out on night guard and there you are! A cute take of “Blueberry Hill” features mellow sax and an arrangement nod to its fame from Pop. That sax support also shows up in her treatment of “What The World Needs Now.”

Besides those we’ve mentioned, maybe we should have just said all the album’s tracks are picks! When Barbara Nelson does them, they’re worth your ears. Thirteen tracks, highly recommended.

CD: $15 + $3 s/h from Barbara Nelson, 72521 Tutulla Creek Rd., Pendleton, OR 97801.

– by Rick Huff

Paul Hazell compiled and annotated this Jasmine release. It’s been out for a while but is still available from your favorite CD source.

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Track List

1 – Blues Stay Away From Me
2 – Kentucky WaltzListen
3- Blue SkiesListen
4 – Night Time In Nevada
5 – Pecos Bill
Swingin’ Open RangeListen
6 – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
7 – Blueberry Hill
8 – There Will Never Be Another YouListen
9 – Ace In the Hole
10 – What the World Needs Now
11 – They Call the Wind MariahListen
12 – You Make Me Feel So Young
13 – P.S. I Love You


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