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Waylon Jennings And Johnny Cash – I Wish I Was Crazy Again

It reached # 22 on the U.S Hot Country Songs charts, and remained on the charts for a total of 12 weeks. The song was included on Johnny Cash's 57th studio album, I Would Like to See You Again (Columbia 1978)

“I’ve Loved and Lost Again”, song written by Eddie Miller, was recorded by Patsy Cline for the Decca label on April 22, 1956, at Music City Recording, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN. Three other songs were recorded at the same session: “Stop, look and listen”, “Dear god” and “He will do it for you (what he’s done for me)”. At the recording session Patsy was accompanied by: Harold Bradley (guitar), Grady Martin (guitar), Don Helms (steel), Bob Moore (bass), Farris Coursey (drums), Tommy Jackson (fiddle) and Owen Bradley (piano). With the production of Owen Bradley, the song was released in July 1956. It failed to enter the charts.

The song was only released as a single, and was not included on any studio album, it first appeared on a compilation album, Here’s Patsy Cline (Vocalion 1965). This album contains alternate mixes of “Yes, I Understand” and “How Can I Face Tomorrow “, without the harmony vocal heard on the original singles. This was the second compilation that was released after his death on March 5, 1963.

About Johnny and Waylon:

“There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang” & “I Wish I Was Crazy Again”, single; it was one of Cash’s first collaborations with Jennings, and the two recorded songs together throughout the 1980s, including a separate album entitled Heroes. Cash and Jennings would also work together as The Highwaymen with Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

Johnny Cash – I Wish I Was Crazy Again Lyrics

I met an old friend this morning
And I stopped him and called him by name
I said, «The years haven’t changed you
But he said, «Good Lord, how you’ve changed!»

So we stood there and talked on the corner
And remembered the good times we had
Then he asked if we’re happy together
And I only smiled and I said

«Yes, she keeps me off the streets
And she keeps me out of trouble
Sometimes at night, Lord, when I hear the wind
I wish I was crazy again, yes, I wish I was crazy again»

Then we stopped in at a tavern
We had us a round or two
We called ourselves old desperado’s, old desperado’s
As old friends are likely to do

We sat for a while and remembered
Then he said, «Let’s have just one more»
I said, «I’d sure like to join you
But best be goin’ on home»

«Yes, she keeps me off the streets
She keeps me off the streets»

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