The Western Way Hour December 26

New Podcast ! The Western Way Hour December 26 DJ Susie Knight

The Western Way Hour
The Western Way Hour with Susie Knight
The Western Way Hour December 26
The Western Way Hour December 26
Susie Knight is a well-known figure in the world of cowboy poetry. She is a multi-award-winning artist and performer who hails from Colorado. A former barrel racer, riding instructor, and working ranch cowgirl, Susie Knight has gained recognition for her captivating performances and poignant poems that often reflect her experiences in the cowboy way of life. She has been featured in various events and platforms, showcasing her talent and passion for cowboy poetry.
Cowboy poetry is a form of poetry that originated from the tradition of cowboys telling stories. It is distinctive in its culturally specific subject matter and traditional use of rhyme and meter. While it often focuses on the historic cowboy lifestyle, contemporary cowboy poetry is still being created and recited. Cowboy poetry typically explores the emotional landscapes of the American West, including horses, cattle, prairie storms, and the wilderness. It is not a requirement for the writers of this genre to be cowboys, but many write from their lived experience. The poetry is often meant to be read aloud and performed, and it covers topics connected to the cowboy way of life, such as raising livestock and western U.S. landscapes.

The Western Way Hour December 26

Artist – Tittle – Album

3 Trails West – That’s What I Like About – The West Silent Trails
Carlos Washington – Little Bit of Swing, Little Bit of Western – (Title Cut)
Wylie & The Wild West – Mmm…Montana – Skytones
Riders In The Sky – Ol’ Cowpoke – Throw A Saddle On A Star
Yvonne Hollenbeck – Baxter’s Famous Column (poem) – Rhymin’ the Range
Dave Stamey – Blackjack – Twelve Mile Road
Pegie Douglas – Redwing – The Music Of Badger Clark (revised) Vol. 1
Lynne Belle Lewis – Cattle Call – Thru My Horse’s Ears
Almeda Bradshaw – Daddy’s Bells – Loves, Wives, and Mothers
Dennis Jay – Opened Your Letter – Blue Bonnet Days in Texas
Slim McNaught – The Mustang (Poem) – Reminiscin’
Randy Huston Reflections Times Like These
Susie Knight – The Windmill Sound – Turn ‘em Loose
KC La Course – Elusive Cowboy (poem) – Travellin’ Thru Time
Jared Rogerson – Time Spent In The Saddle – (single)
Simple Gifts (The Sawyer Family Band) – Three Men on a Mountain – A Better Place
Teresa Burleson – Something to Think About (poem) – West Texas Heat
The Dan Canyon Band – Ride Hard For The Hills – Purple Sage


The Western Way Hour December 26

The Western Way Hour And More Podcast


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