Swinging Country March 02

New Podcast ! Swinging Country March 02 DJ Billy Bowles

Swinging Country March 02

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Howdy Friends March 2 Is Texas Independence Day And Therefore I kick the Show off with Judy James Singing our Official State Song Texas Our Texas.
From There a grouping from BigJohn Mills & Kent Finlay, Gary P. Nunn, Dale Watson & Texas Dance Hall Legend Johnny Busch, And then a Double spin from The Pride of Abilene Curtis Potter. Followed by The Texas Troubadour Ernest Tubb, Al Dressen.
Then I Begin Promotion of The 52nd Annual Bob Wills Day Celebration in Turkey Texas Known as The Granddaddy of them ALL and The Super Bowl Of Western Swing As Always Have Pen & Paper ready!!! I’ll kick it of The Late GREATS Frankie McWhorter & Leon Rausch. Then Jason Roberts & Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys under the direction of Jason Roberts, Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys.
Then I’ll World Radio Premiere Three New Singles From Cathy Jewell, David Paul Nowlin, Terry LeMaster. World Radio Premiers on Swinging Country are Highly Sought after with More Rejected than Accepted. Many have ended up Major Award Winners.
Next New Music to Swinging Country from Elliott Ambrose then Ray Cummins & Josetta Schmitt Bought to you by NDXpress & I2I Records.
Next Updates on The upcoming Season at The Coyote Store Gail TX & News There! With A Double Spin from Neal McCoy
Then comes The Monthly Edition of The Veterans View from Ray Man The V Man & Special Guest James Finchum. Followed by Erin York, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano
Then it’s Waltz Time with Buddie Hrabal, John White, George Strait.
And Finishing the Show out with a Theme about «Country Music» From Gary P. Nunn, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Curt Ryle, Bobby Mackey. And we’re out of Time.
Please join us on my Timeline for SWING – BACK that’s YOUR Chat Line for comments Questions Pictures etc. COMMUNICATE With Me Let’s Make it for Fun & Fellowship And until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country March 02



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