Swinging Country September 16

New Podcast ! Swinging Country September 16 DJ Billy Bowles

Swinging Country September 16

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Howdy Y’all what a Line Up this week! Swinging out with an Instrumental from Tommy Thomsen’s Tribute to A Living Legend CD along with the first grouping Bought to you by Dena Wood & NDX featuring Eric Diamond, Carlos Washington, Billy Mata.
The Next Grouping Bought to you by Jonathan Gray R Shop. With Mark Abbott, Bobby Flores, Carl Vaughan.
And then Becky Justice – Ford & The Coyote Store Bring you Bobby Marquez, Exile Events, Ronnie McDowell.
The Grouping that follows is Bought to you by Dan Rumer & Fayette Financial This Sunday would be Hank Williams SR’s 100th Birthday! And Eveyone that knows me well knows that I am A Huge Hank Fan! So we’re playing a couple from Hank and also A Couple from my Friend Ken Goldsmith who’s birthday is also September 17 and is also another Huge fan of Hankwith one being a Hank Williams song the Other an Original Inspired by a Deam he had.
Next Kylito’s Salsa CompanyBrings you Tim Atwood, Brad Howard, Bobby Mackey & Lisa Layne Stewart. Hallmark Chuck Cusimano.
Next a Tune from The Late Terry Bayless then a New one from Joe Rice a Funny Novilty tune I and perhaps You can can in ways relate to.
And then we get Western With Mikki Daniel-Provence, Allen Kirkham & Jill Kirkham Allen and Jill Kirkham. Bob Marshall, Gil Prather.
Then a Rodeo Theme with Friends Who Like Jake Hooker and the Outsiders, Ken Goldsmith, The Ace In The Hole Band With George strait, Carl Smith, Moe Bandy, Red Steagall, Dawn Anita, Cathy Jewell.
Closing the Show out with Two Songs of Inspiration from Moe Bandy, Elizabeth-Justin Trevino.
Join Me on My PERSONAL FACEBOOK WALL for SWING – BACK during the Intitial Broadcast for Chat that Means Speak Up ask Questions Make Comments Make Friends Have Fun Post Pictures etc. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country September 16



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