Love That Country Music April 08

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Love That Country Music April 08

Set List:
Jenny Tolman – Borrowing Sugar
Adam Harvey – All for Rum
Angela Autumn – Texas Blue Jeans
The Brothers Comatose – Working for Somebody Else
Daryl Mosley – Transistor Radio
The Goodwin Brothers – When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
Whoa Dakota – Music City
Blue Rodeo – I Will Wait for You
The Lied To’s – Winter of the Winter
Drew & Ellie Holcomb – Hung the Moon
Jack Klatt – Edge of the End
Ernest – Tennessee Queen
Brittany Brooks – I Ain’t The Girl
Charley Crockett – Hanger On
Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas – I Hear You Talking
Johnny Tolley – Beyond the Blue Neon
The Band Of Heathens – El Paso Citys

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Love That Country Music April 08

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