Swinging Country January 29

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS DEDICATED TO ALL THE FAMILY OF H F RITCHIE Born Friday May 26 1939 – Passed Away Thursday January 20 2022 @ Age 82 Laid to Rest Thursday January 27 Big Lake Texas
I’ll Start the show out with Young Artist for Very Specific reason with
Kristyn Harris, – Jack Phillips, – Coby Carter, – Emily George Emily George Music and Entertainment, – Leddy Taylor Bragg, – Jasmine Mcdonald, – Brayden Ryle Brayden Ryle’s Fan Club, – Olivia Harms, – Hailey Sandoz, – Austin Van, Zac Clifton, – Sam L. Smith, – Sam L. Smith Music ALL Incredible Young Artist Playing and Keep REAL Traditional Music Alive and Well.
Next a bit of a Bobby theme with 3 of our Favorite Bobby’s Bobby Flores, BOBBY FLORES FANS GROUP, – Bobby Luster, Bobby Luster, – Bobby Mackey From America’s Honky Tonk.
Then Comes a Grouping of Ladies that Record Authentic, Hardcore, REAL Traditional Country Music from Cathy Jewell, – Joni Harms, – Georgette Jones Georgette Lennon, Janice L. Maynard, – Guyanne McCall Dannheim. WOW!!!
Then Begins the Memorial Tribute for H F Ritchie
Starting with a Couple of tunes from the Late 1950’s Doo Wop Music Featuring H F & The Five Bops, H F & The Whirlwinds Great Early R & R I’d call it.
Then his abbreviated Obituary Songs from H F several and also from some of his friends Gilbert Prather, Son Dennis Ritchie, Chuck Cusimano, Jimmy Burson.
So much more I would have liked to play but time is of the essence in Broadcasting. This will be a show you will enjoy and want to share so don’t miss it unless necessary. Join us on My Personal Billy Bowles Timeline during the Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK comment post relevant pictures stories comment make friends have fun. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country January 29



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