Swinging Country January 02

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Part 2 Hank Williams Sr. Tribute Special first portion of the program.
Last week ALL the Music was from Hank Williams Sr. and his Alias Luke The Drifter. This week first tune comes to us from Rick Norcross & The Ramblers. Then A Song from Hank followed by a Rare Hank and Audrey Williams Radio Interview from 1950 and Another two songs from Hank. Then comes another Radio Bit from the Famous Mothers Best Flour Show Hosted by Rad Foley featuring Hank Williams & The Drifting Cowboys. From there we move on toward the end of Hank’s Life A few tunes and Death Announcement included. Fast Forward I’ll give you but a Small taste of how his Influence lives on today starting with a Double Spin from Hank Jr. One from Jr & Waylon.
Next Grouping has Buddy Eugene and Claudia, A Double Spin from Moe Bandy, Sparklin Cathy Jewell.
Next Group has Ken Goldsmith, Gary P. Nunn, Leslie Tom, Perley Curtis. Finishing off the Hank Williams Tribute for this time. I will explain why I did 2 Parts on the Show 🙂
With My Special Guest Kent Gill Also My First Guest for 2021

Starting with the Title Cut from the Album God’s Got Everything Under Control which I World Radio Premiered in March 2020 quite a story there to share as well. Then Kent and I will Visit and World Radio Premiere SIX Cuts Off this about to be Released CD folks this is a Top Shelf Much Needed Gospel CD and I know you will enjoy the Music Messages from the Songs and the Insight from Kent Gill after Surviving 2020 We ALL Need this!!!
As always Feel Free to Share this post with Interested Folks Pages and Groups. Join Dena Wood & I During the Broadcast and jumom in with us have some Fun on my Personal Facebook Timeline as you listen. Till Then Happy New Year Everyone May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—




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