Swinging Country February 17

New Podcast ! Swinging Country February 17 DJ Billy Bowles

Swinging Country February 17

10: AM- 12: PM CDT USA 🇺🇸 @ KSSLFM.COM

Howdy Y’ALL Here I Am I’m Late Again sorry but sometimes I Need a clone LOL. WOW How to even describe this weeks episode? It’s the Best word coming to my mind right now «Captivating» Just Listen for yourself!
I swing it off with the Late GREAT Bobby Flores & The Yellow Rose Band Welcome you in And Swing on with Keith Phillips, Willie Nelson, & Lubbock Texas Own Hannah Jackson.
Next is a Very Captivating Remembrance & Tribute to Toby Keith and I can Assure you that you will if not already a fan come away with a Major Respect for and appreciation of Toby Keith. In relation to this segment we’ll also hear from KSSL’S own Susanne Abbey & Roxane Atwood and not only Three songs from Toby but we will also hear relevant Tunes from Merle Haggard and Tim Atwood you’ll understand as you listen. Next we have the First of Four World Radio Single Premiers coming to us from Peggy Haverly and it got my mind to almost Instantly come up with a Grouping to go with it from Austin McKedy, Moe Bandy, EV Mae some things just fit and this Grouping does.
But Don’t Go Anywhere following that is Three More World Radio Single Premiers from Carrie Romero, Jadyn Rylee, Bobby Mackey!!! WOW What A Line Up!!!
Then we get Western as we’ll hear from Bob Marshall, R
on Christopher, Clint Bradley, Kristyn Harris, KC LaCourse You are Bound to Enjoy.
Followed by A Very Seriously thought provoking grouping from Keith Whitley, Porter Wagoner, Tim Atwood, Conway Twitty.
And Then I change gears on you once again with Theater of the mind Thought Provoking tuns from Jo-el Ulmer & LeAnne Smith Ulmer Collectively known as 2 Country 4 Nashville, Jerry Webb, Craig Murphy. With Positive Messages.
And Closing out with a Perfect Match Double Spin of Inspriation from Kent Gill.
Join us on My Personal Timeline during the Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK which is YOUR Feedback & Chat Line for Fellowship Pictures and more! JOIN IN and Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country February 17



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