Swinging Country August 28

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

HOWDY Friends & Fans World Wide this week I begin with a Instrumental from Lubbock TX Legendary Mains Brothers band.
The first grouping is from recent Academy of Western Artist Western Swing Award Winners
Steve Markwardt
Bret Raper
Carolyn Sills Combo
Big Cedar Fever
The Next Grouping is from Artist that will be appearing at The Legendary Coyote Country Store Gail TX.
Bellamy Brothers
Neal McCoy
Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley
2 Country 4 Nashville
Next Grouping will be Academy of Western Artist Pure Country Award Winners.
Jason James
Venessa Bourne
Tony Booth
Kevin Fullen
And then we hear from Artist Set to Appear at the P.T. Event Center in Abilene TX.
Jody Nix X 2
Rocky King
Gary Nix
The Next Grouping will be Academy of Western Artist Western Music Winners
Greg Hager
Lori Beth Brooke
Susie Knight
Next I’ll play the Theme Song for Back The Blue Tribute to be held September 19 in Lubbock, TX coming to us from James Darden Men In Blue. The event & Auction will benefit Officer Josh Bartlett’s Family Killed in Duty and Officer Shawn Wilson’s Family Shawn was Critically Injured bot in a Tragic event in Levelland TX last month we will also hear from Artist performing at this Event
Cathy Jewell
Kelly Hasty
Kenny Maines
And then we remember the Story Teller Tom T. Hall and Play four of his Tunes. He was a super talented Artist and Writer.
And then we Honor a Special part of ALL our lives in many was and that’s RADIO we will hear from
Hallmark Chuck Cusimano
Judy Bailey
Richard Lynch
Larry Scott
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UPDATE To anyone who may have tried to Call or Text Me since last Saturday Night my Phone has DIED the Motherboard Fried I am awaiting a Phone next week. I’ve been warned that it’s a high possibility that I may possibly lost ALL DATA I Pray not as I have or had Hundreds many Hundreds of Contacts. For now if you need to reach me email me or PM on Facebook.
Don’t Forget SWING – BACK for Chat & more as you listen on my personal Timeline during the Broadcast. Till Then May God Bless You & Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—



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