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Randy Palmer – Deeper Water

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Randy Palmer - Deeper Water

Randy Palmer – Deeper Water, In his higher projected vocal register singer/songwriter Randy Palmer edges toward the John Denver effect, but he is certainly no copy. He also exhibits a lower grit Denver never employed.
Randy Palmer - Deeper Water
Cover CD Randy Palmer – Deeper Water
Palmer wrote or co-wrote all of these songs. The arrangements show influences of both Country and Americana and are performed well, but that’s an assumption that can generally be made with safety when producer Merel Bregante is in the mix (an abundance of top session folks on his speed dial)! The arguably Western picks here include “Somewhere Down The Line,” a co-write with Randall Lewis Brown “High Plains” (with its interesting contemporary Bluegrass march feel), and the lilting “Welcome To My Home.”
There are strong messages to be found throughout, drawn from Palmer’s own experiences and those of his ancestors. There’s plenty here that can be cited to recommend the CD, so we will! Twelve tracks total.

CD: (available through RandyPalmerMusic.com)

– by Rick Huff



Randy Palmer – Deeper Water

Track List

1 – Somewhere Down the Line
2 – Carry On
3 – The Life They Are Living
4 – High Plains
5 – Welcome to My Home
6 – Sixty Years of Love
7 – Summer of 65
8 – White Dog
9 – Deeper Water
10 – Echoes from the Past
11 – Venus Chases the Moon
12 – Choose Love


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