Myra Pearce – The Ghosts Of Yellowstone

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Myra Pearce - The Ghosts Of Yellowstone

Myra Pearce – The Ghosts Of Yellowstone

CD co-producer Royal Wade Kimes seems to remain dedicated to having a Western presence in his projects. This one for the talented singer Myra Pearce is no exception. From the content to the classic cover art images, much of the release shows Cowboy & Indian roots.
Myra Pearce - The Ghosts Of Yellowstone
Cover CD Myra Pearce – The Ghosts Of Yellowstone
Pearce is a particularly flexible artist, full well able to handle the sass of Dolly or Reba and the heartfelt depth and wail of Tammy or Trisha. She is shown to good advantage in songs like “The Journey” (“father of the wilderness…angel of the free…I need to hear your healing voice whispering through the trees”), the Country-funk title track “Ghosts of Yellowstone” wherein Red Star and Buffalo Bill return nightly to haunt the lobby of the Irma Hotel and “I’ve Got Montana” with its deep surprise reveal. Western Swing is present, and even in some of the straight Country songs a bit of Western rides in (“Goodbye, Adios” and “Oops There Goes Another Man,” where one of the guys “had a Porsche and a cuttin’ horse”)!
The contemporary arrangements are inspired and full. Curiously there are no composer credits, but one suspects at least a couple of these are Kimes creations. If this release gets the proper placement and distribution for visibility, there is no earthly reason it shouldn’t score well on Indy charts in particular. Ten tracks, very highly recommended.

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– by Rick Huff


Myra Pearce – The Ghosts Of Yellowstone

Track List List

1 – The Journey
2 – Oops, There Goes Another Man
3 – I’ve Got Montana
4 – Redneck Man Of Mine
5 – Heart On Hold
6 – Good Bye, Adios
7 – I Love You Because
8 – The Ghosts Of Yellowstone
9 – Just For The Fun
10 – Take The High Road Home


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